What Does an AnyTime Locker Do? It give you the ability to Lock your factory differential in any drive type. 2WD, 4WD High, and 4WD Low. 

Does it come with a switch? This kit uses your factory Diff Lock switch in your Upper console, no need to add one. 

Why would I want or need an AnyTime Locker? This product is just another tool in your bag, you will barely even need 4WD for most situations if you Diff is locked. Also, having the ability to lock your differential in 4WD High will help make you crawl with ease.

When should I use the Anytime locker?  Whenever Traction is lost on one of the rear wheels. 

will I still be able to use Crawl Control And other Off-Road functions? Yes, all other Off-road functions Including Crawl Control use ABS to modulate your brakes to control wheel slip. 

I press the diff lock button but it wont turn on? come to a complete stop and press and hold the button for 2.5 seconds until you hear a click and see your traction control lights come on. 

Does the Anytime Locker Turn off ABS? No, for safety reason this does not shut off your ABS. It does however, Turn off your Traction Control and Forward Collision Just like when you go into 4WD Low from factory. 

My traction control did not shut off when I Locked the differential? Make sure you come to a complete stop before pressing and holding the Diff lock button. 

Cant I just do the gray wire Mod? On the 3rd Gen Tacoma you cannot do the Gray Wire Mod. So far this is the only model that does not support this mod. 

Will I have light or warnings on my dash or Radio? No, you will not get lights or warning on the dash or radio. You will However have a message pop-up saying Traction Control and Forward Collision Has shut off but this is normal. 

Will the AnyTime Locker void my warranty? No, this product is Plug and play meaning you do not have to cut any wires or butcher harnesses. it makes the truck work like factory and It can also be removed at any time. 





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